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SX8AM Series Self-Hold Motor Protectors (SX8AM)

SX8AM Series Self-Hold Motor Protectors

Details & Specifications

Here's How the SX8AM Functions

Developed by Thermtrol, the SX8AM is a thermal protector/PTC heater com bination. The Dual PTC heaters are electrically located across the contacts of the protector.

When the protector contacts are open, the heaters are in series with the load. The heaters then maintain the temperature sensitive bimetal of the protector in an open state.

To reset the SX8AM, power must be removed for sufficient time to allow the SX8AM to cool below the protector’s reset temperature.


Thermtrol’s state-of-the-art automated lead processing equipment can produce lead wires to meet customer application needs for overall length, wire type, wire size, terminated connection and stripped length requirements. Standard lead size is 16AWG. 14AWG-18AWG is also available.


In order to achieve optimum heat transfer from the protected medium or ambient to the thermostat, the SX8AM and 8AM have been designed with the case connected to the bimetallic disc. This feature makes it necessary to electrically insulate the thermostat from the mounting surface. Typically, this is accomplished with a Mylar sleeve marked with the part number. Custom markings and other sleeve materials can also be provided.

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