Key Applications For Thermtrol Wire Harness

The following are a few of the commercial applications currently served by Thermtrol with wire harness and cable assemblies.

House cutaway

Key Commercial Applications

  • Lighting
  • Wire Harness for Refrigeration
  • Ceiling Fan Harness
  • Vacuum Clean
  • Central AC
  • CPAP Machine/ Oxygen Concentrators
  • Central Wire Harness
  • Harnessing for Wall/Personal Harness
  • Water Heater
  • Furnace Wire Harness
  • Washer & Dryer
  • Lawn Equipment
  • Automotive Wire Harness
  • Garage Door Openers
  • Cooking/ Range Wire Harness
  • Small Appliance Harness

Other Areas Supported

  • Mini Refrigerator
  • Wine Cooler
  • Power Tools
  • In Wall HVAC
  • Pumps
  • Variable Speed Monitors
  • Cable Assemblies
  • Motorcycles
  • Marine

The following are a few of the automotive applications currently served by Thermtrol with wire harness and cable assemblies.

Car front view

Key Automotive Applications

  • Center High Mount Stop Lamp (CHSML) Harness
  • Interior Lighting Harness
  • Shift Lever Cable Assembly
  • A/ C Harness
  • HDLP/ LED Headlight Harness
  • Engine Position Sensor Harness
  • Transaxle Harness
  • Under Hood Harness
  • Side Marker Harness
  • Tail Light/ RCL Harness
  • Circuit Board Jumpers
  • Window Lift Harness
  • Seat Harnesses
  • Rear/ Side View Mirror Harness

Other Areas Supported

  • Camera Harnesses
  • Deck Lid
  • Truck Bed
  • Front Facing Arm Rest Harnesses
  • Convertible Top

Typical Applications and Assemblies

With a broad customer base ranging from Automotive, Agriculture, Medical Devices, Appliances, Industrial Equipment, and Sensors & Controls. Thermtrol can provide your company with a wide range of standard and customed solutions

Automotive, Agriculture, Heavy Vehicle

  • Tail lights
  • Mirrors
  • Seat controls
  • Gear shift levers
  • Implement Control Harnesses

Appliance Industry and Motors

  • Thermal Controls
  • Main harness, cooktop harness, ignition
  • PCB Control and user interface (board to board jumpers)
  • Refrigeration

Medical Device

  • Hospital Beds
  • Sleep Apnea
  • Oxygen Concentrators