Frequently Asked Questions

Why did you choose Vietnam instead of Mexico or China for your primary manufacturing location?

When looking at manufacturing wire harness and cable assemblies in low cost regions, Thermtrol wanted to insure they were able to meet the following objectives – the capability to have a location that would offer the ability to be wholly owned, produce world class quality, employ a high level, reliable workforce and have the necessary infrastructure for shipping worldwide.  Vietnam was selected as provides an excellent location which meets all of these key objectives.

With manufacturing in Vietnam, are your lead-times long?

While purchasing directly from the component manufacture can result in best costing, it also can carry with it very long component lead-times. Thermtrol has been able to offset this in two key ways. First; for FPA samples and startup production, distribution can be used for materials and consolidated air freight for shipping back to North America. While this carries a higher cost, the timeline can be greatly reduced. Once the initial pipeline is filled, Thermtrol works closely with their customers in a partnership with a stocking program to hold inventory in North Canton Ohio so that the agreed too buffer inventory volumes can be shipped within ten days.

Do you have a robust Quality Control program?

Yes! Thermtrol maintains ISO9001, TS16949 and ISO14000 certifications.  You can see some of the extensive processes followed by Thermtrol by visiting our web page on quality. Quality Control is one of the cornerstones of the Thermtrol business philosophy which has enabled us to become a world class leader in wire harness quality performance.

Do you permit site audits at your primary make site in Vietnam?

Thermtrol welcomes and encourages both our current and future partners to visit our wholly owned location in Vietnam. We are very proud of our plant, people and processes and look forward to your visit. Please contact your sales representative or contact us via the contact form to arrange a visit.

Does Thermtrol only build high volume assemblies?

While lower volumes at times can be accompanied with costs from MOQ (minimum order quantity) costs, where there is commonality in a number of similar harness assemblies, Thermtrol can combine them to help minimize the MOQ cost impact.  You will be pleasantly surprised with how Thermtrol can support your wire harness and cable assembly needs. You can request a quote on our contact page.

Do you have the ability to ship directly from your plant in Vietnam?

Yes, many of our customers have us ship ExWorks from our Vietnam location.  We also have some customers that have us ship to their plants in Asia from Vietnam and to their plants in North America from our North Canton facility – overall we can be globally local to best support your needs.

Does Thermtrol have the capacity to support growth?

Thermtrol has planned the necessary infrastructure to facilitate their forecasted growth and effectivly support you and your business.

Does Thermtrol support Insulation Displacement (IDC) technology?

Yes, in fact, Thermtrol has recently expanded their IDC manufacturing lines to improve automation with a combination of both Stocko and Komax into a single piece of equipment.  While many IDC manufactures are supported by Thermtrol, Stocko is a primary partner as they are a company that has a focus on the complete connection system (including the circuit board, wire and the use of redundant connection points). Like Thermtrol, they have a shared goal of providing customers with a high quality/ reliable electrical connection.  IDC has been used in the European automotive industry for many years and more recently has been expanding into the US market.

What about the ability for Thermtrol to do molding?

Thermtrol has the ability for both over molding and injection molding as a part of a wire harness assembly.  While this is not a focus on providing molded components, the value of being able to integrate molding into a wire harness brings significant value to customers.

Whom do I contact to request a quote?

You can easily contact us using our contact form. Using this form will also allow you to upload up to 2MB of drawings. Thermtrol strives to respond to all requests within one business day.

How long does it take to get a quote returned?

This is very difficult to answer due to the wide variety in complexity of quotes we receive. While most quotations take about two weeks; depending on the complexity, it can take less than a week or if new suppliers are required or it is a more complex build, it could take three or four weeks for us to complete your quote. Our goal is to help you achieve the most competitive cost by working directly with the component manufactures. There are many other factors that can impact the timeline; we can try to give you an indication of the timing when you contact us for a quote.