Competitive Advantages

We are often asked what is new or has changed in the wire harness industry in the last five or ten years.  Most people see the only changes to the industry as the additions and subtractions to the different terminals and connectors.  The reality is that the most significant changes have been in the area of quality. 

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Thermtrol Corporation is strongly committed to providing wire harness and electromechanical assemblies that exceed your expectations. To accomplish this, quality has been incorporated into all aspects of our business. This quality philosophy assures the highest value and satisfaction for both you and our employees. We produce and deliver products that provide optimal functionality with a passionate focus on your needs and desires.

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As a leader in the Wire Harness & Thermal Control industries, Thermtrol strives to deliver quality products & services to a high global standard.

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Selecting a Long Term Wire Harness Partner

Selecting a long-term wire harness partner:

  • Local service and support with a global footprint
  • Molding capability for existing and/or future needs
  • Use OEM components and tooling – never compromise with accepting a knock-off component or the use of low cost/ non-OEM applicators/ tooling
  • Select a supplier who actively uses crimp force monitors
  • High level workforce stability and skillset
  • Capability to do a full terminal verification report on crimps, insulation and wire.
  • ISO 9001, TS 16949, ISO 14001 certified
  • Large enough to support direct component purchasing
  • Engineering support
  • Process Planning and controls which are compliant to AIAG standards for process flow control plans and PFMEA
  • Have all work instructions posted at the work station using local language
  • Operator work instructions which are pictorial showing both acceptance and reject criteria
  • All assemblies must be 100% tested for proper seating of the terminal in the housing
  • All assemblies must be 100% tested for continuity
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