Thermtrol Launches New Website

Thermtrol Corporation invites visitors to explore their completely redesigned and updated website.

North Canton, OH, July 16, 2013–Thermtrol Corporation will be unveiling its new website in July 2013.

The company has completely renovated the website to reflect the vibrant growth it has experienced as a whole in the past decade. The new reflects the company’s capabilities as a premier wire harness manufacturer and gives greater visibility to their overseas operations.

The last renovation was done in 2001. Since then, Thermtrol has expanded its operations from its headquarters in the United States overseas into Hong Kong and Vietnam and added wire harness manufacturing in addition to thermal controls. The new site gives details on how Thermtrol now operates as a global supplier of wire harnesses. Visitors are able to see pictures of all the locations and learn more about how each locale is vital to the success of the company.

Some new functionality of the website includes the ability for customers to submit a Request for Quote right through the site and the availability of a customer survey that can be completed at the customers’ convenience.  Visitors of the site will also be able to find technical guides for Thermtrol’s thermal controls, download a catalogue, and view videos covering some of our operations.

Launch is expected by the end of July with a smart phone and tablet version soon to follow.