Thermtrol: 10 Years in Vietnam

Thermtrol Corporation celebrates ten years of manufacturing in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

North Canton, OH, July 16, 2013– September of 2013 will mark the ten year anniversary of Thermtrol Corporation’s presence in Vietnam. This milestone is of great significance for the company as it represents the vibrant growth Thermtrol has experienced in the past decade as well as the bright future ahead. 

Planting its roots in Vietnam in 2003 with a 10,700 ft² unit in the Vietnam-Singapore Industrial Park, Thermtrol built and expanded into a 100,000 ft2 building in 2010. The need for the larger manufacturing and warehouse space is a direct result of the successful partnership between Vietnam and Thermtrol. While Thermtrol and its customers have been able to enjoy the benefits of world-class labor rates and advantageous positioning in Asia, other manufacturers are now looking towards Vietnam as the direction for their expansion as well. 

“Thermtrol’s establishment in Vietnam has helped other companies realize that China is not the only option for overseas manufacturing,” says John Komer, Senior Vice-President. 

Aside from encouraging more business in Vietnam, Thermtrol has been able to give back to the people of Vietnam as well, by donating money along with the Vietnam-Singapore Industrial Park. The industrial park hosts an annual Charity Days event and the money raised goes towards various programs, including the expansion of a library, the building of a school, scholarships, and nutrition programs.