Thermtrol Adds New Advanced Injection Molding and Test Equipment

North Canton, OH, April 17, 2014 – Thermtrol Corporation has recently purchased a new Sumitomo (SHI) Demag SE75EV all-electric injection molding machine which will be on-line in early June of this year at our Vietnam manufacturing facility.



New SE-EV Series



This new addition of precision manufacturing equipment allows us to provide injected molded components that exceed the highest technical and quality specifications in the industry. The standard Z-molding capabilities will help Thermtrol achieve zero-defect molding and optimum machine performance. Unique attributes of Z molding include:

•        Flow Front Control (FFC) System (patent pending) that optimizes the flow front further allowing control of low internal pressures inside the cavities

•        Minimum Clamping Molding (MCM) System which helps avoid flash, burn spots and shorts shots, and can reduce mold wear, cycle time and power consumption

•        Simple Process Setting (SPS) System which allows easy setup and operations while helping the operator avoid oversights and mistakes

•        The SE-EV also boasts a 20% reduction in energy use due to the exceptionally low rotational resistance, decreased friction in the linear guidance system and through the use of bush-less tie bars, new barrel design, and a toggle linkage lock-up mechanism.


Thermtrol has also invested the optional SL Screw Assembly to benefit from its innovative plasticizing system that reduces shear heat, improves molding stability, prevents burn spots and stagnation of the melt in the barrel, and allows exceptionally fast color and/or resin change-out.


To support our precision injection molding capability, Thermtrol’s new Mitutoyo Manual CMM (Coordinate Measuring Machine) will be on-line mid-April and new Mitutoyo Quick Scope Manual Vision Measuring System, the Mitutoyo QS-L2010Z/AFB, will be on-line mid-May at our Vietnam manufacturing facility.

Thermtrol’s CMM, the CRYSTA-PLUS M574, is a high-performance manual 3-D coordinate measuring instrument. This equipment will be utilized to qualify new molds, measure/monitor mold wear and finished product.  Some of its features include:

•        Length measuring accuracy 3.5 microns: impressively accurate for manual 3D coordinate measurement

•        High-precision (resolution: 0.5 micron), dustproof glass scales on all axes

•        High-end software as standard

•        Voice guidance for operator through use of MCOSMOS software

•        Self-adjusting air bearings on all axes

•        Space saving and light, compact design built with high quality materials







Thermtrol’s Mitutoyo QS-L2010Z/AFB will be utilized to measure intricate detailed finished injection molded product characteristics. Some of its features include:

•        Excellent surface observation model for a wide variety of workpieces.

•        0.1μm resolution and 150mm Z-axis range.

•        Power zoom enables easy and fast magnification change.

•        Fine illumination capability enables lighting changes to match workpiece requirements.

•        The quick release system on the stage enables instant switching between coarse movement and fine movement.

•        Quick Navigation function enables the user to repeat measurements quickly.

•        An auto-focus function.

Mitutoyo QS-L2010Z/AFB

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