Thermtrol Vietnam Celebrating Ten Years

North Canton, OH, October 22, 2013 – The weekend of September 20th, 2013, was a very special and exciting one for Thermtrol Vietnam as the company took time to celebrate their 10 year anniversary of the opening of the Thermtrol production facility in Vietnam.

The celebratory weekend kicked off Friday afternoon, when all the employees gathered together for a special presentation and award ceremony.  Joining them as special guests were the Jeffries family (Mark Sr., Wendy, Mark Jr., and Stefanie), John Komer, and Greg Kessler from Thermtrol USA, Elmond Lam and Elki Wong for Thermtrol Hong Kong, and Darrel Wur of Thermtrol China.

Team members from all shifts gathered for Friday’s ceremony.

The presentation began with staff members preforming songs for the entire 400+ audience that set an exciting and joyous tone for the whole weekend. A traditional Vietnamese dance number was choreographed and performed by eight of the staff members in honor or the anniversary celebration. The opening speech was given by Cao Hung Son, the General Director of Thermtrol Vietnam (TVN), followed by a speech from Thermtrol Corporation’s President/CEO Mark Jeffries, Sr., who told the staff how Vietnam was selected for the Asian manufacturing plant and thanking everyone at Thermtrol Vietnam for their hard work and dedication to making Thermtrol a world class manufacturing facility.


“Looking back at the achievements and progress in all activities in the past, I am very proud of the TVN employees, who have been constantly cultivating professional skills and moral qualities to establish a strong team.” – Cao Hung Son, General Director

Traditional dance performed by Thermtrol Vietnam team members in honor of the 10 year anniversary.

“Thermtrol is a world class manufacturing facility because we all worked hard to improve our abilities and today we can all be proud of what we have been able to accomplish and I am confident this improvement will continue.” – Mark Jeffries, Sr., President/CEO

Team members from TVN put together a video compilation of the opening of the facility to present day. Next was a fashion show and dance number presented by TVN staff members. After the fashion show, there was an awards ceremony where many employees were recognized for their excellent dedication and achievements. Wrapping up the afternoon was a photo shoot featuring each department with the special guests.

The festivities continued on Saturday for the annual Company Day picnic, when the entire company and many family members used 10 touring busses for a day of fun in the sun at Vung Tao beach, close to Ho Chi Minh City. There everyone socialized, relaxed, played team building games, and participated in competitions and presentations during lunch.

Thermtrol team members gather at the beach for fun and relaxation.


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